Mission 2020 workshops will be a time to dive deeper into a specific ministry area of RCA Global Mission. Whatever your passion, we have a workshop for you!  

You will attend one workshop during Mission 2020. Each workshop will have three segments: 

  1. How collectively we’ve engaged in the past within this area of mission.
  2. How we are currently involved around the world.
  3. Imagining what God might have in store for the future of growing the global church. 

When registering for Mission 2020, you will be asked to select your top three workshop choices. You will be placed in one of your top three workshops based on availability.

Working Missionaries Out of a Job 

Sustainable Community Development

Sustainability has long been a guiding principle for RCA Global Mission. The goal being that missionaries work themselves out of a job by strengthening the capacity of mission partners and their ministries so they flourish under the leadership of indigenous people. This workshop will explore areas like Kenya, Haiti, and beyond where Global Mission has practiced and is practicing sustainable community development.

Let the Little Children Come

Child Welfare

Children are one of the most vulnerable people in society today. This workshop will focus on how RCA Global Mission has worked and is working in places like India, South Africa, and the Philippines to care for God’s children through education, physical nourishment, loving homes, and spiritual enrichment. If you have a heart for children, this is the workshop for you!

The Fields are Ripe for Harvest


From the deaf community in Jamaica to indigenous people groups living in remote villages in the Amazon, there are large population groups that are still unreached with the gospel. In a world where the fields are ripe for harvest, join us in looking at how the RCA has engaged unreached people groups in the past, how we’re currently working to spread the gospel to all people, and imagine how we might reach the ends of the earth with the Good News.

Sowing Seeds

Global Church Planting

Planting churches is one of the RCA’s highest priorities. From Hungary to Brazil to Thailand, we work with local Christians in their own contexts, supporting them as they develop relationships, teach others about Jesus, and establish regular gatherings. Church plants are one of the ways we follow God’s call as we work to grow the global church. How do you imagine that call should look as we move forward?

The Bible and a Bottle of Tylenol


Early missionaries sent into the field quickly found that it was difficult to ignore the needs of people they were rubbing shoulders with on a daily basis. While sharing the gospel was still central to who they were, using tools like healthcare was another beautiful way to care for the people in their path. This is still a model for ministry for many RCA missionaries and partners. Learn how medical practices and skills in places like Bahrain, India, Brazil, and Niger are being used and might be used in the future as a tool to share Christ’s love.

I Was a Stranger and You Invited Me In

Displaced People

There are about 41.3 million internally displaced people, 3.5 million asylum seekers, and 25.9 million refugees. That totals around 70.8 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. RCA partners and personnel are working around the world to provide trauma care, physical aide, and resources to help ease the transition of displaced people. Learn more about this global crisis and speak into how we can play a role in loving our neighbors well near and far.

Raising Up Leaders

Education of Church Leaders

From the low-lying plains of Cambodia, across the deserts of Kenya, to the mountains of Colombia—RCA Global Mission has established partnerships with theological seminaries and colleges, universities, and schools in an effort to make theological education more accessible. In addition, the RCA is focused on providing quality, Bible-based training to raise up leaders to serve in the growing global church. Do you have a passion for educating Christian leaders? This is the workshop for you!

Created To Do Good Works


RCA Global Mission works closely with our volunteer engagement office, providing opportunities to serve through various mission opportunities. Whether you’re passionate about disaster relief or spending a summer or a full year serving with our missionaries, there is a volunteer opportunity for you and your church! Learn more about volunteer opportunities and share your great ideas in this workshop.

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